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Spring break! Woo?

My emotional-mental health needs it. Yet ... unstructured time and I do not get along well.

Experiment: Spring Break '09

I've scheduled my days so that I get out of the house to exercise the dogs in the mornings and to do something "away" in the afternoons. I've scheduled in time to read whatever I feel like reading, time to exercise, time to nap, time to do house projects and unit planning to prepare for the return from break. Hopefully the schedule is just open enough to make me feel "free" and sufficiently scaffolded that I don't free-fall and spend the whole break in bed overwhelmed by a list of "shoulds" and unable to think of anything pleasant enough to get me going.

We'll see. And maybe (bounce) I can take AMTRAK up to Seattle to visit the best Jane in the world and have a personal outing. I love that trip on the train. Therapy will happen. And hair will be cut and arranged with much artistry. Toes must be painted and shorts will be worn. School will ... inevitably be visited; but only because and when I choose to do so.

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