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Southward Ho!

No. I wasn't that naughty in Seattle. But I'm currently snaking my way toward Tacoma with a lovely picture window seat and a broadband thingy from my sexy geek-in-residence who is not currently residing beside me. (tears and gnashing of something).

Seattle did not disappoint. I grabbed my point-and-shoot camera and shot pics of just about everything, quashing down the desire NOT to look like a tourist. If they turned out, you -- my little bush babies -- will get an illustrated post about my 18 hours of carefree-itude.

A few palette teasers:

-tiny, hand-cranked music box that plays La Vie en Rose
-- Lingcod braised with tomatoes, peppers, onions and saffron
---45th floor of the Westin Towers with giant window facing a view of the city from Space Needle, across the Sound and its constant ebb and flow of ferries
----why did I buy 2 more books?!
-----Seattle flirted with me, those teasing, barely-there raindrops

Enough for now. I've read a seriously inadequate amount of "school" reading; I dance now in celebration of this fact.

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