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Spring Break is broken

As the workload shadow darkens my view of the sunshine and increases the pull of gravity, I recline here drinking juice and suspecting that the mild sore throat and fever are simply psycho-somatic. I also am going to list a few great things that remind me not to mope away my last few hours.

1) New puppy! I believe we are getting a new IW puppy (girl) for Ferguson. IW's need IW companions. And though our greyhound plays now and again with Ferguson, his heart just isn't in it. We're leaning toward the name 'Eleanor' -- I'll have to look up different spellings to see if I can't find one that leans toward the Irish/Scottish/Gaelic side. If this pans out, we will be getting her near the beginning of May.

2) The tiny hand-cranked music box I gave the-best-Jane-in-the-world as a thank you gift for letting me crash in her penthouse room with a panoramic view of Seattle and the Sound. It plays .... La Vie en Rose.

3) No matter what the workload, I do love my kids and I'm looking forward to seeing them again tomorrow. The rest will come on its own.

No negatives tonight. Juice and relaxation. Maybe a book. Then back to my chosen profession tomorrow. And we'll have fun!

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