The Pumpkin Queen (wheeker) wrote,
The Pumpkin Queen

northward ... northward ... northward aka A love note to the Pacific NW

The rocking and rhythmic bumping of the train as I'm drawn to the north inexorably, as though Seattle wants me, needs me, misses me ... come here, little girl. There's no turning around. It's inevitable, this reunion. A tingle settles subtlely in the palms of my hands and in my chest.

It's also an escape from the never-ending conveyor belt of work. Getting away from the Place gets my head out of the Trudgery. Perhaps there are fae in Seattle. The Fireworks store. The chocolate boutique that makes the world's best marzipan and dark chocolate delicacies. Hard coffee. Lunch and a stroll. Breakfast while watching the ferries cross wakes.

It's full of memories, this city. Special reunions with my husband. A fourth row, last minute seat to see Les Miserables by myself while he attended a conference. Times with friends. Times with my parents. The beginning of a journey to Alaska. And the end. The exceptional luxury of the Fairmont. Oh, the Fairmont. Oh.

Would that my grandmother were alive and we could share journies together. I feel so much like the reincarnation of her spirit. Would she feel the tingle, too? I think so.

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