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Random fluff and an observation

Weather in Oregon: I love spring in Oregon. Wind and rain. Yummy.

Awkward moment: Running into your (most excellent) therapist in the grocery store is far too much of a meta-moment. My brain still hurts.

Banal, yet still helpful epiphany: No need to be embarassed that books I read to escape the intensity of my "new" job -- which is trying to consume me in a disturbingly Danielewskian manner -- are not "classics". A pleasureful, pulp novel is a good escape. Most recently finished: Bone-Crossed by Patricia Briggs. Great series b/c of her fascinating, secondary characters and the multiple supers.

Wistful for: MUSHing (speaking of supers). Not for the time and silly rules. But for the people and the stories we created together.

Food worth trying: Starbucks' Artisan Breakfast Sandwich

Obscure Movie Recc: The Secret of Roan Inish

Educator Note: Barry Lane is my hero. Learning to teach writing. No. Not that, simply. Learning to teach writing WELL has been a huge undertaking this year.

OBSERVATION: I've noticed recently, and struggled with, different folks' purposes for LJ. And while I respect the choices people make, I have found that posting my own (note I'm referring to myself and not you -- if you're on my friends list, there is a reason why) daily ... how do you say? ... crap, will only contribute to the general crappiness of my day. Oh, don't you worry, my little dandelions. There WILL still be crap. It simply won't be the majority of my (admittedly sporadic) posts.
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