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Melancholy Post-of-Many-Colors

Triumphant: Ferguson won his conformation (AKC) class on Sunday. Then he won Best Dog in his breed. Then he took BEST IN BREED! I'm so proud of my boy. The judge had an excellent sense of humor. Third time in the ring for breed, just me and my mentor, each of us with our own dogs (best dog and best bitch). He looked at us dryly but with a sparkle in his light blue eyes and said, "Three times around, ladies." Questions, almost unanimously from the both of us checking to see if we had heard correctly. Then from him (about a breed that is known for stamina enough to travel half a day to a hunt, hunt down Irish wolves, or what have you, then travel back home, "Can't they make it?" Finally, laughter and a bit of banter about the humans being the ones not to make it three loops around at giant sight-hound pace. My Carroy Doyle Ferguson boy won Best of Breed. And with me on the other and of the lead. Tickled. He's so good. Photo to follow (when Mr. Wheeker returns from his trip and works his photo-posting magic).

Trudging: I'm tired of my chronic fatigue. I'd just about given up even trying when things reached a boiling point and I had to make an effort in spite of myself. Now the house is getting to a place that is at least 50% livable. I'm accomplishing small tasks each day with the promise to myself that if I get "on a roll", I can continue. But it's like pushing a boulder up a hill every day just to watch it roll back down when I stop to rest. Blah.

Enjoyable: So during the school year (especially with new curriculum) I promise myself to get to all the pleasure reading that is challenging. I find myself still only able to consume "fluff" more than halfway through July. However, I'm enjoying the ability to have guiltless time for fluff.

Pending: Speaking of school, I promised myself I'd work on this next year's curriculum over the summer. Have I done this? Aside from a day or two of review, I have not. However, I am meeting with a colleague tomorrow to organize a summer mailing to some of our more at-risk kids. Some hand-written notes to let them know someone is thinking of them. Do you remember how exciting it was when you were young to get mail?

Inspiring: Icecreamemperor's graduation poem.

Discouraging: A friend who takes and takes and takes, but never shows gratitude.

Mouthwatering: Photographs of fresh-picked garden vegetables (green beans and cucumbers) on marstokyo's LJ.

Ear-tingling: Song by Regina Spektor (whose name my dad aptly describes as sounding like it should belong to a Bond Girl) on NPR called 'Eet'. Most excellent.

Empty: The house without Mr. Wheeker.

Amusing: The greyhound we're dogsitting and our puppy, Eleanor, playing and leaping around the house like a canine version of a Cirque du Soleil act.

Patriotic: Obama in tonight's press conference. It's so refreshing to hear something other than spin, and lots of words that say nothing. He truly shows his pedagogical colors when giving John Q. Public a conceptual framework, using analogies to make complicated points, having a sense of humor on the fly, giving specific examples, and restating all the parts of the questions asked of him with a clarity that inspires confidence that he knows what he's talking about. Firm, demanding respect he is due, yet everyman. It's been a long time since I enjoyed a press conference, learned something from it, even. Felt even a minute amount of optimism. Saw the big picture.

Time to go read some fluff.

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